CAMI at a roundtable at the ISME conference in Seoul

Hi everyone,

here are some of the latest news.

- We have presented CAMI at a roundtable at the ISME conference in Seoul and received a substantial amount of constructive inputs. We are working on incorporating some of these suggestions, also in an upcoming hackathon next week.  Video material of this meeting will at some point be released here (unfort. a slight delay in picture and voices, but hopefully still informative). Thanks to Aaron Darling, Mike Imelfort and Mads Albertsen for the provocative and inspiring contributions to that meeting! Also to Thomas Rattei, for chairing and organizing the session. You can find the slides of the speakers here in the news section.

- Data for our contest is being generated. Before the start of the actual contest (which could be by the end of the year), we want to provide some data sets to everyone to play with already (from public data, so not the real thing), so that people can familiarize themselves upfront with the formats and test their software on it.

- Here is a suggestion for the CAMI taxonomic profiling specification. It builds on a contribution by David Koslicki, many thanks to you, David, for that!

Any comments?

Best, Alice