Example datasets online

Dear CAMI  participants,

the first play data sets are now online on the submission website.


You can download a data set, register for the contest and also upload your results for binning, profiling or assembly. Note that these data have been generated from public genomes, so if your method uses reference genomes, it is likely to perform better on these than on the ones for the contest that will be made available soon (end of January is the current estimate). Nevertheless, the play data sets, which also come with a standard of truth, should be helpful in familiarizing with the format. Enjoy!

Other news are that we will be distributing three participation awards of thousand Euros each among participants across all categories performing better than a baseline method.

Please also fill out our survey so that we can prepare for your needs.

 If you have questions relating to the submission site, please direct them to Peter Belmann (pbelmann@cebitec.uni-bielefeld.de). The site is brand new, so please let us know if anything seems unclear to you or if you find a glitch. For general questions about CAMI, you can write to contact@cami-challenge.org.

Most of the CAMI team will be offline until the beginning of January. Afterwards all questions will be answered.

We wish you happy holidays and a great start into 2015!

The CAMI developer team