Update from the second CAMI hackathon

Hello CAMI-people,

here is a short update from the organizing team. Last week at our second hackathon there was good progress and we will soon begin to make play data sets available, before the start of the actual competition. The real data sets have by now almost all been generated too, so what remains to be done is to put it all together, so we can start the contest - likely at the beginning of next year.

Here's a quick question to all developers wanting to take part in the competition: Would the possibility to win a smaller monetary prize money, e.g. given to three randomly chosen participants performing better than a predefined baseline, be a large incentive? Larger than the knowledge of how your tool performs on interesting data, or the possibility to be part of a joint evaluation paper? If yes, let us know - we are investigating whether we can do this and whether it is worthwhile to do so. How much are we thinking about? Nothing crazy, but maybe 1000 Euro per person.

All comments and questions are welcome in the Google+ discussion group! ;)

Greetings from D├╝sseldorf,
Alice, Alex and Thomas