Update from the second CAMI hackathon

Hello CAMI-people,

here is a short update from the organizing team. Last week at our second hackathon there was good progress and we will soon begin to make play data sets available, before the start of the actual competition. The real data sets have by now almost all been generated too, so what remains to be done is to put it all together, so we can start the contest - likely at the beginning of next year.

CAMI survey

A survey has been started in order to collect information that will be crucial for the further implementation of CAMI. Please participate and inform us about your opinion. The survey form is located in Google and does not require any login.

New CAMI web site online

Dear CAMI enthusiasts,

as discussed at the CAMI hackathon we have replaced the CAMI web site on http://cami-challenge.org by a more informative and more interactive site.

No user login is required anymore for commenting posts on the web site. Subscription to the CAMI newsletter is simpler and also possible without logins. We have converted all previous logins into newsletter subscriptions.

We will soon improve the site for mobile devices.

Best regards


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